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Transition Sometimes Means Separation

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Sometimes transition means separation from all you've known. Friendships, Love, Time, and Fun. The keys are in your hand; you have the ability to decide to leave behind the things that no longer fuel you. Take a second to write a list of all the people in your life. Think about how they enrich your life.

Do they motivate you, or do they stump your growth.?

Transition is 360. You cannot change your mind without changing your surroundings first. When you're ready to fly your heart will tell you who is meant for this journey with you and who is not. LISTEN!

When I was looking to get closer to God I had a decision to make. I was in a on and off relationship for seven years and somehow I knew that where I was going he no longer fit. My best friend. It was a tough revelation but I decided to devote and lay my life to God's will over my life. I prayed months for the strength to leave the relationship because I was ready for everything NEW in my life.

Understand that leaving people behind does not mean that they are any less than you, it simply means their season in your life has come and gone. Take what you have learned from them and move forward you deserve all your dream of!.


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