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"I believe everyone has a purpose"

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having the ability to bring ideas to LIGHT through branding, web design, and motivation. Be the Light is my way of helping creatives walk into their purpose the way they always imagined. 

My Superpower is...

I've been in business for...

five amazing years. I have helped brand flourish in all different types of industries including woman empowerment, lingerie, health & wellness, education and e-commerce.

I started my podcast because...

I wanted to heal in front of people so that others feel comfortable in knowing growth sometimes requires uncomfortable conversations, intention and forgiveness. 

I am a creative who believes in community and sharing knowledge. Be the Light Blog is all about providing tools to creatives in efforts to help them maximize cost-efficient resources and tap into their potential. 

I desire to motivate
others by providing resources for creatives.

My name is Maniyah Richardson. I am a twenty-something-year-old, insecure girl, born from parents who never loved each other. Sometimes I wake up and can find every imperfection on my body and in my soul, while others, I see God’s beauty running through my veins. Along the way, I’ve hurt a few people, lost a few friends, and given my worth away. I am a twenty-something-year-old girl in constant transition. And, even when I don’t know anything, I know that God isn’t done with me yet. 

Sometimes life has a way of making us feel like where we are, is not where we should be.


If I can speak from my own experience for many years I’ve been hard on myself because I know that I am meant to become more than what I am now. That, for some reason God chose me to fulfill a purpose that is bigger than what I could ever imagine and what I feel I can bare.

here's my truth

But the man who made the stars took time to make me and someone as unique as you, which means you have a calling brewing inside of you that is bigger than you also. As we go through this journey please understand that sometimes we will laugh, sometimes we will cry, and sometimes a lightbulb will illuminate in our hearts but we will always choose to fight.

"before I formed you, I knew you. And, before you were born, I set you apart."


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with the Voyage Miami

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A Podcast made for the strong, bold, sexy, growing, ambitious, boss asf, modern-day creative

episode about INTUITION

currently streaming on all major platforms

need a biz 


let me help you design 
a brand you are proud of.

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